I Have Just Been Diagnosed

During chemotherapy, your immune system will be compromised. This means that small, painless infections (that you didn’t know existed) can become significantly worse… often causing serious pain and requiring serious medical interventions, in some cases hospitalisation.

Our aim at Dentimed is to get your mouth as healthy as possible (before treatment begins) to help you reduce the risk of dental complications during your oncology treatment.

Dentimed services before oncology treatment:
• Assessment of pre-existing conditions
• Remediation of existing, and potential, sources of infection
• Oral health/dental hygiene instruction
• Supply of devices, medications and medicaments (where necessary)
• Initiate/support smoking cessation programs

Am I At Risk Of Cavities And Decay

Am I At Risk Of Gum Disease?

What we offer

• Pre-therapy assessments and oral health plan
• Prevention and treatment of mouth and throat sores
• Management of dry mouth and reduced salivary flow
• Management of oral and head and neck pain
• Restorative and therapeutic dentistry
• Dental hygiene instruction (oral health instruction)
• Management of taste alteration and/or taste loss
• Smoking cessation
• Regular communication with other members of your oncology team

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