I Am a Childhood Cancer Survivor

Survivorship of childhood or young adult cancers is at an all time high, this is great news! However, adult survivors can often experience lingering or late onset trouble with their mouths that are a direct result of the life saving treatments that they have undergone.

Adult survivors have their own unique set of dental needs that differ from the general population and require life-long care from a dental team that understand their special needs.

Survivors can be at risk of:
• Periodontal disease
• Tooth decay
• Developmental issues with the roots of their teeth
• Issues with tooth enamel development (resulting in grooves, discolouration or easy staining)
• Small sized teeth
• Increased tooth sensitivity to hot and cold
• Dry mouth (xerostomia)
• Altered taste
• Difficulty opening and closing their mouth (trismus)
• Jaw bone problems after dental surgery or extractions (osteoradionecrosis)

As a result adult survivors require ongoing follow up to identify any issues early and allow for preventative action to be taken. This will lead to better outcomes from an oral health, functional and cosmetic perspectives.

Am I At Risk Of Cavities And Decay

Am I At Risk Of Gum Disease?

What we offer

• Pre-therapy assessments and oral health plan
• Prevention and treatment of mouth and throat sores (oral mucositis)
• Prevention and treatment of dry mouth and reduced salivary flow (xerostomia)
• Management of oral, head and neck pain
• Restorative and therapeutic dentistry
• Dental hygiene instruction (oral health instruction)
• Management of taste alteration and/or taste loss
• Smoking cessation
• Regular communication with your oncology team

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