Our Team

Dentimed is an accredited dental practice, which means that we are a practice of excellence! This means you can rest assured that all our systems, qualifications, infection control procedures and team members are beyond reproach.

We realise that this may sound like a cliché to someone who has not visited our practice, however we feel that our claims are backed up by the fact that over 90% of our new patients come via word of mouth… i.e. our existing and very happy patients are recommending us to their families and friends.

The team at Dentimed LOVE what we do! We are career professionals who have been in the dental industry for many, many years. We specialize in providing compassionate dental care! How can we help you?

From left to right.

Alex Bolina (Dental Nurse), Deb Brown (Dental Hygienist), Michelle Stein (Dental Hygienist), Nicky Simpson (Dental Hygienist), Juji Delostrino (Dental Nurse), Lee Sheridan (Front Desk Coordinator), Martin Goldfeld B.D.Sc. (Melb), class of 1991, Brian Dyskin B.D.Sc. (Melb), class of 1987, Sam Smith (Team Coordinator), Donna Cobbin-Agatic (Dental Nurse and Front Desk Coordinator), Amelia Roff (Dental Hygienist), Kath Grosso (Front Desk Coordinator),Yeganah Akbari B.D.Sc. (Melb), class of 1991, Julia Smethurst (Dental Nurse), Lesa Stabey (Practice Development Coordinator)

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