About Us

Dentimed Priorities:

• Before cancer treatment: prepare for cancer treatment by addressing existing and potential oral problems.
• During cancer treatment: maintain oral health, prevent oral complications and manage problems that occur.
• After cancer treatment: keep teeth and gums healthy and manage any long term side effects of cancer treatment. At this point, we can also address any other dental issues that have developed as a result of your treatment, or were present before hand.

Dentimed Aim:

•  Dentimed is a special general practice designed to meet the unique and complex dental and oral health needs of individuals with a cancer diagnosis.
• To help look after the oral health of any patient, and support the families of those, with a cancer diagnosis. We recognize that cancer is a diagnosis for the family, not just the individual.
• To support the oral health of those battling cancer at any stage of treatment i.e. before, during and after treatment.
• At Dentimed all therapeutic interventions offered are based on peer-reviewed, evidence based research.
• We aim to be part of your total “care” team along side your medical practitioners e.g. oncologists, general practitioners etc.
• We are about long term care and relationships with our patients.
• Dentimed is one part of a multi-disciplinary approach to cancer treatment.

How is Dentimed different and the right choice?

I already have a dentist or I saw one recently… 

We will assess your mouth using the latest techniques and the best communication available.

This will involve:

• A thorough but painless examination
•  An assessment by both the dentist and dental hygienist. All our practitioners use loupes, which are special medical grade optical glasses, which allow for high magnification. This allows us to see everything happening in your mouth clearly.
• We will take photos and show you everything we see
• We will do bacterial testing (if necessary) to determine what harmful bacteria are present in your mouth
• We will provide written documents to help you understand the health of your mouth and for ease of communication with other doctors (although we will also advise them of what is happening in your mouth)
• We will give you written treatment plans and oral health instruction so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything
• We offer the very best oral care devices and medicaments to make your home care routine as easy as possible
• Where possible the medicaments we offer will uphold our low to no chemical policy (you will be exposed to enough of these)

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