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Why does cancer treatment affect my mouth?

Some cancer treatments are designed to destroy fast growing cancer cells, many of which may be in your mouth. Commonly treatment does not distinguish between healthy and sick cells, which puts your mouth at risk. Find Out More

How do cancer treatments affect my mouth?

In individuals with a compromised immune system, such as those undergoing some cancer treatments, dental decay and gum disease can rapidly become a major problem for your body and also affect your cancer treatment. Find Out More

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Why Does Cancer Treatment Effect My Mouth?

Cancer treatments are designed to destroy fast growing cells. Fast growing cells are not just isolated to sick cancer cells… there are rapidly dividing cells throughout our bodies, many of which are in our mouths. Cancer treatment does not distinguish between the sick cancer cells and the healthy (but rapidly growing) cells in our gastro-intestinal system, of which our mouth is the beginning.

Therefore, when the healthy cells in our mouths are damaged it makes it difficult for our mouth to fight off infections and heal itself. With a fragile mouth even seemingly normal activities like eating can cause injury to our mouths. This is exacerbated by reduced immunity, which further compromises our ability to heal and fight infection. This makes it easy for mouth sores to develop and then in turn makes it difficult to control once the sores occur.

What Should I Do?

If time allows, by seeing the dentist before cancer treatment begins we can reduce the number of harmful bacteria and infection in your mouth. During chemotherapy, your immune system will be compromised. This means that small, a-symptomatic infections can become significantly worse… often causing serious pain and requiring serious medical interventions, in some cases hospitalisation.

Our aim at Dentimed is to schedule you an immediate appointment in order to ensure your mouth as healthy as possible (before treatment). This will help you reduce the risk of dental complications during your upcoming treatment.

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